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A message from Dr. John Spencer Ellis, founder of the Spencer Institute,

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Nordjylland wellness coaching training programs offered through the Spencer Institute. We are honored to be your educational resource for your health, wellness coaching career in Nordjylland.  You will find your experience with our school to be pleasant and rewarding from the moment you enroll. We've been providing coach training and wellness education for people since 1992. In the time since, we have watched our graduates become highly successful wellness coaches, and have the opportunity to help hundreds and even thousands of clients to attain high levels of health and wellness, while building a solid coaching practice which is financially fulfilling.

You may be wondering, what is at the heart of effective Wellness Coaching? Great communication skills are at the heart of effective wellness coaching. A skilled Health and wellness coach understands and investigates the relationship between how people think and communicate. These top level coaches have an awareness of the relationship between language patterns and behavior. Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coaches in Nordjylland are trained to track the assumptions and thinking processes of the client reflected in their use of language. Being able to track the clients beliefs, behaviors and metaphors of life enable the health and wellness coach to ask appropriate and pertinent questions of the client. This facilitates a deep self-exploration for the client that often leads to subtle shifts in the coaching client's awareness. This often makes all the difference in making significant progress towards desired health and wellness outcomes. 

We look forward to making your wellness coaching dreams become a reality.

Thank you,

Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Country is Denmark (DK):

Region is: Nordjylland

Cities are:  Aaby Aabybro Aalb Aars Agersted Aggersund Alb Allerup Als Anderup Annerup Arden Asaa Ass B Bangsbo Bangsbostrand Biersted Binderup Bindslev Birkelse Bjergby Bl Blenstrup Blokhus Bonderup Br Br Br Braarup Brastrup Brovst Byrsted Byrum Dall Dronninglund Dybvad Ellidsh Elling Faarup Fars Fjerritslev Flauenskjold Frederiksberg Frederikshavn Frejlev Gandrup Gistrup Gj Godthaab Granly Gudumholm H Haderup Hadsund Hald Halvrimmen Hammersh Havbro Haverslev Heden Helberskov Hellum Hirtshals Hj Hjallerup Hobro Hornum Hou Hsls Hulsig Hundelev Hune Hvalpsund Ingstrup Jerslev Jerup Kirkeholt Klarup Klim Klokkerholm Kongerslev Krogstrup Kss Kvissel L L L Lem Lendum Lundby Lunderhede Lundgaard Lyngby Lyngby Skov Lyngs Mou N N N N Nibe Nyrup Odde Overlade Ovtrup Pandrup Poulstrup Ranum Ravnkilde Ravnsh Rebild S S S Salling Saltum Seem Sejlflod Sindal Sk Sk Skaarup Skagen Skellerup Sksrup Smidstrup Sorts St Stagsted Stenh Stenild Stenstrup Stinesminde Storvorde Strandby Suldrup Sulsted Svenstrup T Taars Taarup Terndrup Thorsh Tornby Torsted Torup Tranek Tranum Trend Tsrs Tsrup Tversted Tylstrup Ullits Ulsted Vaarst Vadum Valsgaard Vebbestrup Veddum Vegger Vejby Vejstrup Vestbjerg Vester Hassing Visse Vodskov Volsted Vraa Vrs

Latitude: 57.0509356725146 Longitude: 9.93456140350877